BNP Ballerina

Racists never look like monsters… some of them look like Simone Clarke (below)

Should someone be fired because they are a member of the BNP (British National Party) and hold racist views about immigrants even though they work in a multicultural company ?
The Sugar Plum Fairy in English National Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker had to confront angry colleagues before yesterday’s matinee performance after she was revealed to be a member of the British National Party.
Simone Clarke, 36, was named by a newspaper that had infiltrated the party and obtained a membership list.
She believes that immigration has got out of hand even though 9 out of ten of the prinicpal dancers in the company are immigrants. As is the father of her child.

The dancers were instructed not to comment yesterday, but Clarke said in a recent interview that she does not mix with the other performers outside working hours. “I don’t socialise with people in the company,” she said. “It’s all too much.”

Personally, I would not want to work with someone who is a member of the BNP but I suppose people cannot be fired because of membership to a political party but perhaps she will not get a principal role in the next production ?


The audience reactions were varied

A look inside the shady world of the BNP

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~ by deviousdiva on December 23, 2006.

24 Responses to “BNP Ballerina”

  1. I am a member of the National Executive of the Solidarity Trade Union. We would be happy to represent Simone in any Human Rights or Employment case should the need arise. I hope it doesn’t. Freedom of Expression should be particularly valued by artists and creative people.

    I think that it was wrong for the Guardian newspaper to publish details of the workplaces of named individuals and I think they should be held responsible if any are attacked or suffer harassment as a result.

    If we are to create a vibrant civic sphere I think we must tolerate views and lifestyles that we might personally find objectionable.

    I hope that cast members and members of the public follow a ‘live and let live’ philosophy.

  2. I think it might be rather more likely that it’s the BNP that will want to be rid of her, for Nick Griffin says the following in an online article:

    “Do I regard someone who is married to or living with a partner of another race as a suitable member or candidate for the BNP? No, because by their choice they have clearly shown that they do not share our most fundamental values. They might agree with everything else we stand for, but they would have to be asked to keep a respectful distance. Let them vote for us by all means, secure in the knowledge that we wish them, their partner and their offspring no harm, but that’s as far as it could go.”

  3. I think people SHOULD be confronted and argued with for supporting a racist party. BNP is a racist party. Racism kills. It’s nonsense. Every racist needs to have this explained to them. we live in a country where an immigrant -Rupert Murdoch- uses his paper the Sun to make himself even richer, selling stories, often untrue, about immigration. And he doesn’t even pay tax on his profits.
    We live in a couuntry where 70% of the land is owned by less than 1% of the population. and people try and call asylumm seekers ‘scroungers’. BAH. HUMBUG.

  4. I don’t really understand why Simone joined the BNP in the first place but it is her personal right to join whatever Party she wishes. She shouldn’t be persecuted or harassed at work for exercising her democratic rights.

  5. I fully support Simone Clarke and wish her the best, I hope the lefty witchhunt doesn’t work, and I agree that people who are members of the BNP should be free from persecution from the government, Left, Multiculturalists, there is a Black race industry protecting no whites, who will look after members of the BNP if they are persecuted it the press.

  6. I agree JONJOHN that people should be confronted about joining the BNP. It is not just another political party. It is racist and stands in complete opposition to the policies of most theatre or dance companies that I know.

  7. I think it rather interesting that such a well known ballerina should be a member of the BNP – shows that life isn’t so “black and white” – doesn’t it?

  8. i sometimes just wish that every BNP supporter could be deported, and we could live in peace. the nazis killed my grandparents in the death camps; now they are using the same OUTRIGHT LIES, spread through a closet racist media to raise the same monster that lives on people’s fears and ignorance. and robs them of happiness, and replaces it with an unquenchable hate. and some ballerina prefers to believe that it’s all the fault of immmigrants, rather than the real parasites who live off the profits of the underpaid, be they immigrants or not.

    BELIEVE. this world could be a beautiful place, if the work and the rewards were equally shared.

    Before larger numbers of immigrants, the papers and the bosses were saying all the same shit about the poor- they’re shiftless, dodgy, inhuman, breeding like rabbits, a different species etc. If there was zero immmigration, they’d still be complaining, and BNP people would STILL be picking on someone.
    here’s wishing justice, peace, and a bit of the other to us all.

  9. I said I didn’t understand why Simone joined the BNP. This article gives some insight:-

    The BNP Ballerina
    Graceful, talented, cultured.

    Full Story:

    31 December 2006

  10. Hats off to Simone, good luck to her, as for the BNP, it has every right to express the frustrations of British people. If you dont like their views go to some of the areas where they have a high vote and see why the people are unhappy, dont just judge them as racist bigots and childishly compare them to nazis and deathcamps etc, that comparison is ridiculous.

  11. Pete’s post (above) misses something important about Simone’s case.

    Simone can hold any view she likes in private, however idiotic or morally sickening it may be . However, the ballet company she works for receives public money (via the national lottery) – and any company which receives public money has to abide by the Race Relations Act 2000 to ‘promote good race relations within the community’.

    By supporting the BNP openly, and endorsing it in the press, she’s actually breaking her contract. I appreciate she got caught out by the Guardian, but her recent double page interview in the Daily Mail was her own choice, she decided to do it.She needs to be sacked – for moral or contractual reasons. Take your pick.

    One other thing – Pete tells us we shouldn’t judge BNP members as racist bigots, because pre-judging people is wrong. Oh the irony.

    He’s right though. You shouldn’t make sweeping generalisations about BNP members being racist bigots, before meeting some yourself. I’ve taken the time to speak to several BNP supporters over the years to get their points of view personally. They were all racist bigots.

  12. I think that having been dragged into the Spotlight (rather than ‘stumbling’ into it as some newspapers said) Simone has the right to defend herself and give her side of the story. Christian is putting a forward a dangerous argument. I expect that some might argue that limits on immigration promote good race relations in the UK. Seems like a legal minefield to me. Not sure how it would square with her rights under the Human Rights Act/European Convention. I certainly don’t believe that because someone works for a company in recipt of public money (and I’m not sure if Camelot qualify btw) that they should fear for their jobs if they express themselves on issues surrounding race and immigration.

    I don’t take her line on immigration but I don’t believe there is a valid argument for sacking her. I certainly don’t think that this would promote good relations in the community!

  13. poor old pete. i have indeed been in areas where the BNP have got a high vote. i guess if he thinks i can tell the problem from visiting an area, he means i’ll see many non-whites, who he assumes to be immigrants for what I assume to be essentially racist reasons. He sees an area with too many immigrants, i see an area with too much inequality, and too many cowardly nazis who’d rather blame someone easy than try to reorganise those structures that mean certain people in this society can earn 300 quid an hour and more on shares in tax-subsidised arms companies whose jolly profitable bombs create more asylum seekers, while serfs, be they black or white, born british or not, are meant to joy up at a fiver an hour. EEK.
    he may not like the comparison with the death camps, but i see them very clearly. find a group, villify them, blame them, promise decent people that everything will be so much better if those people were to disappear.
    i wonder if anyone ever changes anyone’s mind. i do know that there are several ex-BNP people who’ve thought themselves out of their racist hate. maybe that ballerina can do the same.

  14. I respect Simone and her views as to how the UK is being destroyed by immigration. The BNP are no more morally corrupt than any other political party (maybe less) and they seem to be lately the only party to actually articulate and address what the average man on the street is concerned with. To compare them to the Nazis and Facists rather than discuss issues is insane and undermines the PC brigade even more. The BNP are a legal party and represent many people views. All the left wing PC witch hunters are doing is encouraging more people such as myself to vote BNP if they run in my area.

  15. John, any political organisation which promotes racism isn’t
    just morally corrupt, it’s morally bankrupt and deserves nothing
    but pity.

    I’ll tell you what the ‘average man on the street’ is concerned
    with – that Britain, made great by diversity, will be corrupted
    by the fear and hatred the BNP is pitching.

    It’s always easy to blame other people for life’s problems. And
    that’s exactly what the BNP are selling – finding scapegoats,
    quick fixes and easy solutions. Life just ain’t that simple.

  16. How can it be the English National Ballet when nine out of ten are foreign immigrants, is that equality in action, or some form of extreme positive discrimination? Or is it more likely to be a result of how it is funded?

    It makes a mockery of the title.

    Is this phenomena to filter down now to our national football and cricket teams etc.

    If people dislike the BNP, then let them show it at the ballot box.

    Simone feels that the BNP are the only party capable of solving the immigration problem, and looking at the other parties record she is right.

    Persecution of it’s members, and depriving them of their livelihood is not the answer in a supposed civilised and democratic society. It makes one wonder just who are the real nazi’s.

    Food for thought: Should Nationalists ever succeed in gaining power, would they be supposed to forget the way that they have been treated, and by whom? Would you?

  17. Christien I am sorry to say this but in my area all that unchecked immigration has brought is crime and diminishing school standards. I now have to pay to send my children to private school or move further out of London. Many of the immigrants are not highly skilled and here to benifit Britain but instead here to avoid prosecution in their own countries for regular crimes and to get our benefits which are the best in Europe! This to me is not making Britain Great in my opinon. Also to persecute and pressure Simone for being a member of the BNP (a legal party) is outrageous and makes the UK seem like a communist or facist society. Either way as another poster said as we are still (just about) a free country we can vote for who we seee fit.

  18. W.Wolf

    How can it be the English National Ballet when nine out of ten are foreign immigrants, is that equality in action, or some form of extreme positive discrimination? Or is it more likely to be a result of how it is funded?

    Is it impossible for you to imagine that the dancers were auditioned and chosen because of their incredible talent?

    John Miller, I do not believe for a moment that you are sorry to say the things you say ! Your views can be read everyday in the tabloids and people that agree are unrepentant about their racist sentiments.I agree with christien that

    any political organisation which promotes racism isn’t
    just morally corrupt, it’s morally bankrupt

    and I would add that anyone who joins them or agrees with them, is also morally bankrupt.

  19. deviousdiva:
    Is it impossible for you to imagine that the dancers were auditioned and chosen because of their incredible talent?

    Are you saying the English have no talent, and must bolster their national institutions with foreigners to make up for the lack of it?

    Do you perhaps think that the fact that nine out of ten dancers are foreign immigrants could have been the catalyst in Simone reaching the conclusions she has on immigration?

  20. No, not at all W.Wolf. I am not saying the English are without talent.(they are perhaps English anyway ?) What I am saying is that many companies (dance or theatre) in England have members who have “immigrant” backgrounds who are chosen for talent not for funding etc…

  21. i know it’s late, but i just want to transalate what john said.
    1. there’s too many immigrants.
    = i don’t like people who look foreign.
    2 it’s the immigrants fault that there’s crime and bad schools.
    = i’d rather blame those people who look foreign than think that social problems may be due to inequality/ paying for an oil war.
    3these foreign-looking folk are SO foreign that they are clearly not only criminals, but unskilled, and after our BEAUTIFUL, BRITISH benefits.
    =john is a bigot.
    i somehow think his kids doing badly at school may have something to do with having a thick bigot for a dad. Give them a break, man- try and encourage them to believe the best about people without prejudice, rather than end up like their old man, believing every nonsense that the Sun, Mail, Exprss, or BNP leaflet, stirs up.

  22. I already live in a Fascist State of Eastern Europe – all our parties are fascist’s. They slowly find their they into your media world by introdusing themselves as brave or unicue.

    All it started with showing support to such “ballerinas” – now anti faschists are fear to go to the streats to express any disagreement with the goverment. Our telephones are tapped and we are all are sacked from the jobs.
    I have my native grandma and am the third generation migrant living in the country.

  23. damn all these beautiful gir. Piet Nirvana.

  24. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Horsa Amadeo.

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