The Execution of Saddam Hussein

I am against the death penalty. Full stop.

The Quaker Agitator has a superb post, written before the execution, that explains exactly why he opposes it and I agree 100%.

The grainy footage of the hanging is the most sought after video on the internet and the sad truth is that it seems many, many people disagree with us about the death sentence. It is also extremely chilling to think that people really want to see someone being killed. I would like to have found out the truth about the ALL the crimes that Hussein committed and and ordered. I am certain that the families of the thousands of victims of his regime would rather have found out the truth. Now we will never know. Instead of justice, we have a 2 minute video of a state-sanctioned killing.

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~ by deviousdiva on January 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Execution of Saddam Hussein”

  1. Most people will probably disagree, but personally I do not find it that much of a big deal that people are interested in images of death (just like any other act that is out of the ordinary). I do find it disgusting, though, the way the media sell death, plague and disease. And that this is acceptable.

    One is human nature, the other is lack of morality (on both sides of the participants – media and viewers – and legistlation).

  2. Why, thanks for the link to my post.

    Like the new digs: I’ll be linking here.

  3. i like the new place, diva. i’ll be adding it to the Taking Place blogroll (as well as my own, of course). sorry i haven’t been around for DD Live. things have been crazy busy (and i was out of town for a few weeks.

    there was another good analysis of the response to the saddam hanging, which i included in the latest edition of the Radical Progressive Carnival. i believe it was written by The Largest Minority, but i’d have to check the post on my site to be sure.

    hope the new year is treating you well. i’ll talk to you soon!

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